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Pricing Basics

At Crafted, we understand how important your budget is when you are booking your event vendors. With this in mind, we strive to be extremely transparent from the first contact. 

Wedding Photography Price List Package.png

Now what?

You have looked at our pricing guides and have an idea of

what is included and the overall pricing. 

Option 1

Circle Back

If you are not ready to dive into numbers and menu designs just yet, feel free to circle back around once you are ready to get customized pricing for your event. Just keep in mind that knowledge is power when you are making these types of decisions so getting a customized quote for your event is always the best place to start. Also, it is never too soon to lock down your date as we often get booked months or even years in advance. 

Option 2

Book a
Consult Call

Unsure of what services will fit your event OR have questions about a custom vision, book a free consult call! Each event is as unique as you are and our consult calls allow you to talk through your vision with one of our event experts, brainstorm ideas, and truly get the most out of our potential service opportunities! Crafted is always up for a challenge. After this call, you will walk away with the most knowledge, accurate, and unique pricing possible. 

Option 3

Request a 

Are you ready to get the ball rolling or do you simply want to see some numbers generic numbers based on your event specifications? Get a proposal! By clicking the button below, you can fill out a form with your event specifics and our admin team will do the rest. This will give you a great idea of what your unique pricing might look like, but keep in mind to get the most accurate pricing and to get the most out of our potential services, booking a consult call is always the way to go!

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